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7 points submitted 15 hours agoWedding related rant: I'm getting super annoyed with our photographer. We took engagement pictures on March 21 and STILL haven't gotten them back. I messaged her two weeks ago and she said she was "super close to being done with them." We need to send out save the dates (the wedding is in September) so I'm kind of starting to panic.

Your parents simply want you to be happy and successful. How they think you should get there, you might disagree with, but if you got there in your own way, do you think they be disappointment? Most of the time, no. They come around and be happy for you.

clip in extensions Margaret Corbin was all but forgotten about for one hundred and fifty years. Thanks to the Daughters of the American Revolution, Margaret's legacy was restored. In 1926, the DAR disinterred her remains and reburied them in a cemetery behind Old Cadet Chapel at West Point. clip in extensions

I Tip extensions Silber is leaving the NYPD to join K2 Global Consulting New York Office as executive managing director. The company has also hired Dana Irvis away from the New York County District Attorney Office, where she investigated complex white collar crime. According to a company press release, K2 provides risk services to corporations, nations and individuals. I Tip extensions

I have one friend who makes a very good living at it, but she lives in a large metropolitan area and was able to get into a great salon as an assistant/shampoo person while she was still in school. She worked her way up from there to getting her own chair, 360 lace wigs then moved to a really upscale spa type place. She works 3 days a week and makes more money than I do.

lace front wigs This fight is existential. The GOP is trying to rig elections by controlling who can vote and how and how those votes are counted and how those maps are drawn. The GOP is accepting foreign intelligence agencies hacking our county election boards so long as their guy gets elected. lace front wigs

I Tip extensions Some people need to get a fucking grip. The government wants to spend billions to give us state of the art infrastructure and we are fighting it. This is why Windsor is stuck in the 70s.. You have to look at it [for yourself]. You, as a reader or a consumer of art or whatever, are adding some meaning. There's something about the bottom layer which isn't just learning. I Tip extensions

full lace wigs (I might be projecting way into the future, but I am not going to just throw myself into having a child with a man who is moving to the UK and who I have only known for 4 months.) The reason to seek advice is cause it is just completely new territory for me I have never had to think about fertility issues related to any relationship. With all the unknowns on top of the LDR stuff, I just wanted to understand the things I should be thinking about now. And I appreciate the general consensus that I am just getting way ahead of myself and to slow down.. full lace wigs

tape in extensions I check in with you weekly. And should you decide you like to talk. Do feel free to email me. I did find this and this and if I reading correctly, it looks like Syracuse is snowier than Finland still. Syracuse averages about 120+ inches per year, and is one of the snowiest cities on the planet: here it is listed at number 5, along with two other Western NY cities. I grew up between Buffalo and Rochester and you be surprised at how much snow those lakes generate.. tape in extensions

I do uniform dressing, but with dresses, and no one has ever said anything. This past winter I had about 6 dresses I cycled through (2 of which were the same dress in different colors), plus black tights and 3 4 sweaters, with two shoes (one bootie, one derby) to rotate through. Now that its warm, I have more spring/summer dresses so there more variety.

human hair wigs I made my partner take us back to where we had just been released from the day before. At first, the nurse was unwilling to help and seemed angry I was even there. But her demeanor changed when I broke down in tears. Literally, it was written in the laws what made a "negro," "mulatto," "quadroon," "octoroon," etc., and those definitions were not super stable. But like you said, a negro was always a negro when he had two negro parents. I never read it so brilliantly and chewable before you!. human hair extensions wigs

Found pretty much all my partners "at work" mostly DJ gigs.What I noticed over the years my meaningful relationships went away from cis people. Only 2 (out of 6) of my current partners are cis.In previous years, when I researched these topics, it seemed as if there were only two options: male or female. I thought quite seriously about whether or not my feelings warranted some sort of transition, and have always concluded that full transition is not the answer for me.

360 lace wigs Why are they BIFL? (Same with op's dishes, I'm assuming)? They're heavy stoneware. I've dropped them on the floor, toss them in the dishwasher daily, have turned the stove on under them to keep food warm, they're oven safe. It's so unusual for them to break, even the seconds and thirds. 360 lace wigs

U Tip Extensions She absolutely forced me to coordinate with them as she was too busy with her dog and baby.(I was in a hurry to have the couch gone so did my best to deal with the movers). Then after the movers left my place with the couch, she demanded a minute by minute of where they had reached and what exact second they reach her door. Bullshit like "We sleep by 9 and my baby is put to bed by 7:30 so the movers to should arrive between 8:00 8:30 and carry the couch to my baby room U Tip Extensions.
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